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- Arrows to move
- W, A, S, D, to fire
- X to fire straight

Destroy enemy bases in each level.
Enemy bases spawn enemy ships, so don't take too long. You DO NOT have to destroy all the enemy ships, just the bases.

Collect 10 board parts to earn 2 free powerups at the start of each level.
Goal: Destroy enemy bases.
  • You don't have to destroy each enemy ship to advance, just the bases.
  • Enemy bases spawn ships so the faster you destroy them, the easier it will be.
  • Enemy bases drop powerups when destroyed.
  • There are circuit board pieces to collect. Collect 10 to receive two free powerups at the start of each level. Keep collecting to get even more.
  • There is one boss base so far, will add more.
  • There are three color doors and three color keys. Red, blue, and yellow. Each key opening the same color door.
Note on difficulty level:
  • You can select difficulty 1 thru 10, easy to hard.
  • Harder difficulty levels have different ships, more ships, and tougher bases.
  • More difficulties exist thru 20, 20 being impossible.
  • Difficulty increases every 3 or 4 levels (when entering a new world).

Title Screen